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Over the last decade, there have been many innovations and improvements in the field of glass manufacturing and fabrication. Some of the most interesting, innovative, and useful glass fabricating advances are below:

Laminated glass: Laminated glass is the process of sandwiching two pieces of glass over a plastic layer. This glass is stronger and more durable than regular glass. When the glass breaks, the glass still holds together because of the plastic layer between the two pieces. This kind of glass is particularly popular as safety glass, because even when the glass is broken, it still holds together and prevents entry into a building.

Digital glass printing: Digital glass printing is the process of printing a digital image onto glass. This is often done as a replacement to glass etching or glass painting. Printing is used for dishes, glasses, and even architectural glass.

Low-iron glass: Low-iron glass is a type of glass with fewer iron particles in the glass. This creates a clearer glass that has a variety of industrial and commercial uses. The glass is thin and lightweight, yet still durable enough for a wide variety of uses.

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