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Quartz glass does not have a crystalline structure; rather it is amorphous and produced from silicon compounds during the vaporization stage of the chemical reaction. It is one of the purest materials used in industrial applications today and its purity is what gives it excellent high temperature and visibility properties. Quartz glass does occur naturally, so large amounts are required for the broad range of applications which use quartz glass. Read More…

Quartz Glass Quartz glass is made from silicon dioxide and is a highly pure material that looks similar to standard glass but has superior thermal and optical properties and thus is used for a number of specific applications.

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We make it our goal to offer the top glass cutting services in the industry. Although we started small when we were founded in 1950, we have grown every year and are now one of the largest glass suppliers in the industry. We make products for more than just the optical industry, and can make customized products to suit any need. Contact us for a quote today!

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Glass cutting is a varied industry, and we have done it all for the past 50 years. We believe in manufacturing high quality glass products that will exceed customer expectations every time. Our goal and mission has always been to ensure our customers are satisfied and will come to us with all of their glass needs. Contact us to learn more today!

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Founded in 1990, Technical Glass Products is a fabricator of Fused Quartz Glassware. We maintain a broad inventory of labware, flat stock, rod and tubes in addition to providing custom fabrication using state of the art equipment to suit your needs. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in TGP becoming America’s fastest growing supplier of stock shapes and fabricated products in the industry.

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Gillinder is a high-quality glass manufacturer and glass fabricator. Since 1861, we have been providing our customers superior glass products and glass fabrication services. Heat resistant glass is among our trusted products, which have served the marine, aircraft, industrial and landscaping industries in a variety of applications. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Contact Gillinder and let us meet any and all of your glass cutting needs today!

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As glass fabricators, Torstenson Glass specializes in flat glass, wire glass, obscure glass, transparent glass, textured glass, heat resistant glass and the FireLite® family of products. We have operated continuously for over 110 years, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your glass fabricating needs. If we don’t have it, we can generally draw from experience to find you whatever you need.

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Glass, Quartz & Vycor® Components fabricated to your specifications. Processing specialties such as Concentric Grinding, Corning Chemical 7931 Grades®, Glass–Quartz Forming, Glass-to-Metal, Glass-to-Glass, Lathe & Hand Tooling, Precision Bore Glass & Quartz Tubing, Quartz-to-Borosilicate Graded Seals, Special End Finishing. ISO 9001:2000 Registration.

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Glass fabricators are able to manufacture it from silica using high heat. However, the quartz glass which is produced for industrial purposes may have impurities due to the particulars of the fabrication process, or the quality of the starting materials. Among its many valuable properties, quartz glass doesn't change color under the process of radiation and it exhibits high resistance to radiation.

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Furthermore, quartz glass has low optical absorption, good elasticity, high form stability, low material fatigue, high chemical resistance and electrical insulation making it a good heat resistant glass. Quartz glass also has a higher ultraviolet transmission rate than other types of glass.

This type of glass has many different uses, especially for fiber optics, semiconductors, metrology and communication technology industries. Common objects such as windows, lenses, mirror substrates and UV or halogen lamps are all made from quartz glass because of its physical properties. Quartz glass exhibits high temperature resistance because of the strong bonds between its molecules which require large amounts of energy to be broken.

Its operating temperatures are up to four times higher than those of standard glass up to about 2200 °F, and its thermal coefficient is low, making it an ideal material choice for precision mirror substrates and for items such as furnaces. It is an ideal material for high temperature scientific procedures where borosilicate glass is unable to resist the levels of heat.

In cases such as these, quartz glass can be used for elements such as tubes, crucibles or flasks which are directly exposed to the source of heat without changing form. It also has high levels of thermal shock resistance and so can be used for those applications. The optical permeability of quartz glass is extremely high and even thick panes of quartz glass are clear. Further uses include chip production, optical data transmission and laser technology.

There are many types of glass that can meet your businesses needs. Quartz is commonly used because of its unique extreme resilience for heat up to 1400C. It is also very adaptable across a wide variety of industries and can be melted, bent, fused, and welded. Utilizing quartz is very difficult and requires great precision, more so than any other glass. In order to fabricate

Because of the skill required, quartz is the most expensive glass to utilize. Quartz is commonly cut using a CNC machine. The machine offers a unique capability for precision that other glass cutting methods do not. CNC machines utilize diamond abrasive tooling, diamond points and carbide wheels to achieve accuracy. Unlike most glasses, quartz is strong as is and does not require tempering to withstand great force. Quartz glass in its natural state is stock resistant, does not refract, maintains the highest temperature characteristics of any other glass and is harder than most glasses.

For your businesses needs, you may find it beneficial to purchase a CNC machine to cut quartz. However, because the high precision and high cost required, many businesses choose to outsource to a fabricator.  When choosing a machine or fabricator it is important to ensure the most precise care is taken throughout the entire process. Quartz is chipped away using tiny micro-cracks, making the entire handling process important in preventing flaws.

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