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There are a variety of methods that can be used when it comes to the glass manufacturing process whether for industrial, scientific, or traditional purposes such as windows and drinking-glasses. The same three ingredients are used in most of these processes and these consist of sand, alkali-based sodium bicarbonate (or “soda ash”) and lime from limestone. The soda ash is used to lower the initial melting point, but it can make glass water soluble. Read More…

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New Haven, IN  |  260-749-9614

S & S Optical has been leaders as glass fabricators in a variety of industries and markets for over 50 years. We offer a variety of different glasses to fit all of your needs. Also, we have a multitude of capabilities and services to offer-polishing, grinding, edging and more. To learn how we can fabricate your parts contact us today for a quote. We care about customers and quality service.

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S & S Optical Company, Inc. $$$

Cambridge, ON  |  800-315-0387

Glass cutting is a varied industry, and we have done it all for the past 50 years. We believe in manufacturing high quality glass products that will exceed customer expectations every time.

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Pegasus Glass $$$

Painesville Township, OH  |  440-639-6399

Founded in 1990, Technical Glass Products is a fabricator of Fused Quartz Glassware. We maintain a broad inventory of labware, flat stock, rod and tubes in addition to providing custom fabrication using state of the art equipment to suit your needs.

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Technical Glass Products, Inc. $$$

Quakertown, PA  |  215-536-3500

Established in 1947, we have been providing glass cutting using very precise tolerances in order to ensure that our products are among the best. Our skilled designers and technicians are available around the clock in order to work with you from design to delivery to ensure that you are receiving a product that will fit your needs perfectly! For more information on what we may be able to do for you, visit our website today!

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Insaco Inc. $$$

Santa Ana, CA  |  714-545-6684

Since 1967, Mark Optics has specialized in quality glass fabrication and fused silica substrates. We specialize in precision flat optical components and ultra-thin wafers. Our capabilities include lapping, precision polishing, CNC shaping and much more.

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Mark Optics Incorporated $$$
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The addition of lime or aluminum oxide (has greater chemical stability) is a means to prevent the glass from becoming water soluble. Furnaces at temperatures around 2,500º Fahrenheit fuse these three ingredients together, and at this point other ingredients may be added to adjust brilliance and color. The glass is then cooled by several hundred degrees to allow it to be shaped whether by pressing, blowing, or drawing.

Fire Polishing Glass Manufacturing Glass Manufacturers - Pegasus Glass

As it cools, the glass becomes easier to mold and shape. Throughout the molding and shaping process it is repeatedly reheated in order to add strength. This is referred to as annealing. Further tempering processes include reheating the glass and cooling it with sudden blasts of cold air. When it comes to shaping the glass, there are many methods. For sheet glass, float glass manufacture is the current production method used most often.

In this method, the molten glass is poured into tanks with melted tin on the surface. The glass floats on top of the tin and settles into smooth sheets. To maintain its colorless quality dolomite (at levels below 0.1%) is included in the process. The method used to make the glass for vacuum tubes, light bulbs and laboratory glassware consists of drawing molten streams of glass around a rotating metal cylinder as air is pumped in.

The processes and substances mentioned here are just a few of the many different methods and additives that are used in glass manufacturing to create the desired shape, hardness, and color of the glass all depending on its intended application.

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