Glass Cutting & Glass Fabrication Companies

Glass cutting manufacturers, or glass fabricators, produce a range of glass types which are used across many industries in applications as diverse as transparent barriers, insulators, containers, optical and laboratory instruments. The properties of transparency, heat resistance and relative strength make glass a valuable manufacturing material for applications requiring these features.

Glass Cutting is used for every glass function, such as clear float glass (flat glass), decorative and obscure glass used by window manufacturers and framers for building construction and art housing; many types of building window glass and automotive windshield glass are laminated glass panes which have been tempered for use as shatter-proof safety glass. Highly demanding glass window and panel applications may call for wire glass, which is glass that has been reinforced with an embedded wire net. Most glass tubes, sight glass and precision optical products are made from borosilicate glass, the same heat resistant and shatter-proof material from which Pyrex products are manufactured. Sight glass is a type of tubular or lens-shaped optical glass manufactured for the transparent observation and level gauging of liquids within manufacturing processes. The most heat resistant type of glass is quartz glass, which looks like standard glass but is made of pure silicon and is transparent to UV rays. Glass bottles and containers are made by hand or automated glass blowing, and glass fabricators provide a range of custom molding, glass cutting and glass etching services. Coated glass and laminated glass have had elements added in the manufacturing process which increase specific features of the glass making it ideal for certain applications.

Some Leading Manufacturers

S & S Optical Company, Inc.

New Haven, IN | 260-749-9614

As a leading manufacturer of precision glass and quartz products, S & S Optical Company has the glass solutions you need! Whether you need custom manufactured glass or quarts parts, reconditioned parts, or glass cleaning and degreasing, we have the right services for you. We can manufacture all kinds of glass and quartz materials: laminated glass, tempered glass, borosilicate glass, and much more. Contact us today with your custom glass needs, and we’ll create the perfect solution for you!

Pegasus Glass

Cambridge, ON | 800-315-0387

For over 40 years, Pegasus glass has earned its position as the glass manufacturing expert. With diverse manufacturing capabilities, we can manufacture just about any glass part or product you could ever need. From glass tubes to sight glass, we have what you’ve been looking for. Looking for something more specific to your applications? We offer many custom glass manufacturing, glass cutting, and glass coating services! Give us a call to see how we can serve you!

John C. Ernst Co., Inc.

Sparta, NJ | 888-463-7678

John C. Ernst Co. is your source for process and steam application solutions. Our glass tubes, plate glass, sight glass, and other manufactured glass products are perfect for level gauges, indicators, and process monitoring applications. Tempered glass, borosilicate glass, quartz glass, and many other glass materials are all at your disposal, and we are confident that we can create the right solution for you. Visit our website or call us to discuss your applications!

Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass

Cincinnati, OH | 513-761-3458

Here at Cincinnati Gasket & Industrial Glass, we are committed to providing you with quality and cost effective glass solutions. We work with all kinds of glass, including borosilicate glass, laminated glass, case glass, fused quartz, and other specialty glass materials. Additionally, we provide you with many glass fabrication and processing services, so we are equipped to handle any industrial glass need. Connect with us today!

Custom Glass Solution by Guardian

Auburn Hills, MI | 248-340-1800

Guardian Industries specializes in the manufacture of all kinds of glass products for architectural, residential, interior, transportation, and technical glass applications. We are one of the world’s largest custom glass fabricators, and we continue to prove ourselves as an industry leader with the highest quality glass products and the most innovative solutions on the market. Get in contact with us today to find the solution to your glass fabrication needs!

Custom Glass & Optics

Virginia Beach, VA | 757-880-9543

Custom Glass & Optics specializes in supplying high quality glass and optics components for industrial applications. We are dedicated to excellence, and we source only the highest quality materials. We offer glass, sapphire, quartz, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate, and silica wafers, along with many other glass materials. We welcome your unique and challenging glass requirements, so get in contact with us today to start working on your high quality glass solution!

Glass is a unique material unlike plastics, metals or ceramics. Glass products are common in many industrial, commercial and consumer applications, including decorative architecture, electronic devices, medical equipment, laboratory equipment and household containers, but their most crucial applications can be found in building construction, automobiles and optical equipment. As an inorganic amorphous solid, glass retains a rigid, brittle structure without crystallizing and may be blown, formed and molded with relative ease at temperatures above 1800°F. The shape, heat resistance and thickness of glass are crucial elements to be considered for accurate viewing and measurement, just as eyeglass lenses, microscope and telescope lenses are manufactured with precision thickness and curvature. Nearly all types of glass used in automotive windows or as architectural safety glass undergo precision tempering, coating and laminating processes to reduce brittleness, increase strength and to cause the window, if shattered, to break into small, rounded pieces rather than dangerous shards.

Silica is the main ingredient used in glass fabrication. Pure sand is often used as raw silica material, which is usually mixed with other inorganic compounds such as soda ash, or sodium carbonate, which lowers silica’s melting point from 2300°C to a more manageable 1500°C; lime, or calcium oxide, which increases chemical durability; and other carbonate minerals such as magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide, gypsum and dolomite. Glass made primarily of silica, soda ash and lime is referred to as soda-lime glass, while glass made of silica and boron oxide is referred to as borosilicate glass. Soda-lime glass is a cost-effective option and is typically used in commodity items, glass containers and standard windowpanes. borosilicate glass, also known as Pyrex, is more costly yet is a highly durable, heat resistant material used in laboratory beakers, test tubes, cookware and optical lenses. Once raw materials have been melted and refined in a furnace, the liquid glass may be molded or blown. Flat glass is float glass that has been formed by channeling melted glass into a bath of molten tin; the less dense glass floats on top of the tin’s even surface while rollers smooth the top surface and move the glass along. The glass panel cools as it exits onto a conveyor, where it is cut, heat treated and laminated. Glass containers for use in beverage and product storage may be formed by blow or press procedures depending on the necessary output. Molten drops of glass called gobs are formed into parisons and are plunged or blown into molds where the glass solidifies. Glass products such as glass blocks may also be poured and pressed into molds then slowly cooled at controlled temperatures. Glass products then need to go through the process of annealing to balance the inner and outer stress of the product and remove potential areas of weakness.

Hand blown glass products take a high level of skills and are most often used for costly decorative pieces. Some manufacturers still use hand blowing techniques to manufacture containers and other pieces, although hand processes are far less cost effective than automated glass blowing, molding or float fabrication. Technologies developed within the last fifty years have increased the safety, durability and functional capabilities of glass products far beyond that of traditional glass making. Manufacturers of glass panels and products fabricate fire proof glass, heat resistant glass, safety glass and bullet proof glass that have been able to replace or enhance metal or ceramic materials, as well as a spectrum of precision optical equipment. Other developments have been made in glass manufacturing through tempering and laminating, including the fabrication of UV-blocking glass, reflective glass, non-reflective glass, insulating glass and one-way mirrors. The raw materials, mainly silica, used to fabricate glass are widely available, and glass may be completely recycled, making glass highly cost-effective to fabricate.

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